Mississippi Moon Gets Social

Hello Ladies & Germs! Although it’s 1926 in the pages of Speaking Is Easy, and we get our news from the Times, Herald, or if your my bestie B.B. the lurid World or fancy like my hubby and the rest of the Castles, hot off the wires, modern flappers and laddies get all the news that’s fit to print from this mysterious thing called the web. I pride myself on keeping my ear to the ground and knowing whats what, so I’ve decided to jump in with both t-straps! Because as we all know, it doesn’t matter how good the revue is if they can’t find the unmarked door!

Below you’ll find all of the Harlow Ophelia Jackson Mystery Series social media links. On Facebook, you’ll find general updates. Instagram is for images of my Harlem & yours. On Twitter, I’m hoping to show off my career and dating advice, along with my sparkling wit. And then there’s Pinterest. Pinterest is where I really shine. Our boards feature everything from my costumes to my lingerie, although sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference!

Our goal is to give you a peek into the HOJM world on our way to publication! So, if you’ve got the time and are of the mind, please take a moment to check us out and follow. We love meeting new people and we adore a good party!