Well kiddies, what a year! Although my revue, my very first headlining show Mississippi Moon & Her Moonrise Dancers has finally found its legs after months of hard work, my husband David and I are still on the outs. And then there’s June Ellen, poor Baby June. She got herself into a pickle and almost sealed me in the barrel, but all that’s neither here nor there because it’s Christmas time! My favorite time of the year! I get to buy at least two new dresses, one for the Ole St. Nick ball at the Savoy and one for whichever New Year’s soiree I land at. Which do you think I should choose? Let me know at

Harlow Frock 1                         Harlow Frock 2

As you may know, I am a fairly focused woman, who’s never met a list she didn’t like, so New Year’s Resolutions and wish lists are right up my alley. Santa already knows I’ve been naughty, but I’ve tried my best to be nice too. I’d suggest asking David or Declan, but that might not be wise, so please ask my goddaughter Lily, instead.

So about that list, it’s short but sweet. Here we go:

Christmas Wish List

  • A diamond bracelet (no explanation needed)
  • A Singer 15-30 Tiffany Treadle Sewing Machine
  • A profile of Mississippi Moon (that would be me) by Carl Van Vetchen (A girl can dream)
  • My own revue at Connie’s Inn or the Cotton Club (again dreaming is very important)
  • Be allowed to have both David and Declan

New York is a tough town and I’m a tough gal, maybe not as tough B.B. or even my mother, but tough enough, and yet every girl, including myself, needs to loosen her bob at least once a year and that’s why Christmas is my favorite time of the year. The city blossoms with a crisp snap in the air, puts on its own diamond bracelets, steps to center stage and shines. It fills my heart with gladness as I hope it does you and yours.

Merry Christmas from Harlow Ophelia Jackson & the Gang!


Be sure to come back in January to find out what I swear I’ll never do again!


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