Harlow Ophelia Resolves to…

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Hello kiddies! I hope you tripped the light fantastic during the holidays and especially on New Year’s Eve. And for you suckers who braved the elements to watch that 400 pound wrought iron ball drop, you should have come by Billy Stacks’ Speakeasy & Jazzatorium to watch the last Mississippi Moon & the Moonrise Dancers show of the year instead! There was bubbly, music, noise makers, dancing girls, and of course me! The joint was packed and merriment was had. I, myself, didn’t see my bed until 9 a.m. the next morning. But it was worth it! And I think we set the tone for a very good year!

I run a tight ship, and although I’m not one for over planning, I do like a resolution or two. Here are mine for 1927:

  1. I resolve to work harder and finally make it to Broadway
  2. I resolve to make more of an effort to get along with my mother-in-law
  3. I resolve to be nicer to my landlady Mrs. Everston
  4. I resolve to finally chose between David and Declan or let them both go
  5. I resolve to forgive myself

These are all going to be tough to keep and I don’t promise to keep my resolve, but what’s a woman without goals?!

I hope you make a few resolutions of your own, even if you don’t plan on keeping them. Looking to the future keeps a body honest.

Here’s to a happy & healthy new year!

P.S. I got that diamond bracelet, which definitely tips the scale in David’s favor. Declan would have to take up graft to afford anything close to the bracelet my estranged husband gifted me with. And for better or worse, Declan maybe the last honest cop in NYC!  Happy New Year!


HOJ New Year

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