Tell Your Love Story Walkin’



Kiddies, what with a hubby and a lover, you’d think I’d be all over love like two drunks fighting over a bootleg bottle of Cutty Sark, but what the wannamaker! I’m not one for all the lovey-dovey crap. I like to love ’em & leave ’em. There is so much more in life to grab on to than a man! I’ve got big plans, things to do. Who has time to stare deep into some chumps eyes?


But don’t get me wrong. I do love to be adored. And sometimes a little worshiping is in order, if you know what I mean. Either way, I like to keep things simple. Love the one you’re with, I say and if the other guy doesn’t like it? I say tell him to tell his story walking, because prohibition can be murder!

In love & adoration,

Harlow Ophelia 

Oh yeah, happy Valentine’s Day, suckers!

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