Black Dancers

Chorines, Harlem Theater, 1936.

It’s my birthday month! And a Happy Birthday to me! Besides March being the month I strode into this world—never mind the year, folks—it’s also the month I took to the road at the tender age of 15 and six years later took NYC by storm, at a saucy 21. After years of traveling around the U.S. and abroad, I finally made my way to the Big Apple in 1921 in order to take my chances on the Great White Way. I won’t give away how I did (you’ll have to read Speaking Is Easy Book 1 in my delightful Harlow Ophelia Jackson Mystery series to find that out, but I will say that I made one, two, okay several appearances in a little show called Shuffle Along. As it happens, Shuffle Along, the first bona fide, all-colored Broadway hit is being revived on Broadway or rather the story of the making of the musical—a musical within a musical, 95 years later. How’s that for staying power!

Some would say that I’m like Shuffle Along, I’m black as night, I pack ‘em in, I’m an original, and boy do I have staying power! Trust me, this isn’t my first birthday, and by Tammany Hall, it won’t be my last!

Anywhoooo, as a woman and birthday girl, it would be remiss of me not to mention that March is also Women’s History Month. Now, Women’s History Month of course hasn’t been invented in 1926, that honor goes to 1987, but I hope you’ll play along and celebrate with me anyway. Because one of the few things I like more than choreographing new routines is celebrating the history of women! We are strong, we are savvy. We are mighty, and to paraphrase a Shuffle Along hit song “I’m Just Wild About Sally!”


Happy Birthday to me! & Happy Women’s History Month!


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