Nothing Says Modern Like the 1920s!

Happy New Year from the Harlow Ophelia Jackson

Mystery Family!

Thank you so much for following the Harlow Ophelia Jackson Mystery series blog. I hope you’ve been enjoying a little peek into the glamorous, yet work-a-day world of my characters Harlow, BB, David, Declan, et al.

The 1920s was a time of fascination and invention. Besides fashion and great music, it gave us Talkies, Transatlantic flight, and refrigerators. Which is why it’s one of my favorite time periods to research and write about, and I’m sure one of yours to read.

Going forward, the Harlow Ophelia Jackson Mystery Blog   will be going on a hiatus. I’ve had fun penning a monthly blog, but a girl’s gotta keep a little mystery.

With the links below, you can check out any posts you may have missed from last year. And then please check back periodically to see what we’re up to.

Questions? Comments? Please shoot ‘em my way! Thank you! Here’s to an awesome 2019!

January: Strolling Through the Microfiche

February: Staying Hitched Or Not: Love in the 1920s

March: The Flapper: Modernity in a Satin Slip

April: Cabaret Cards: A Dance with the Devil

May: The Queen of Happiness

June: Summer Break Repost

July: Summer Break Repost

August: Summer Break Repost

September: A House of Mirth

October: Fascinating Haberdashery

November: A Literary Outing with Bernice McFadden

December: The H Stands for Harlem

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