Harlow Ophelia Resolves to…

Hello kiddies! I hope you tripped the light fantastic during the holidays and especially on New Year’s Eve. And for you suckers who braved the elements to watch that 400 pound wrought iron ball drop, you should have come by … Continue reading

Giving Thanks In The Arms Of My Hubby!

  For the first time in 3 years, I spent Thanksgiving with my husband David Kingston. I didn’t give it much thought. 1926 was a doozy of a year and it just felt natural after all we’d been through—Baby June’s … Continue reading

Mississippi Moon Gets Social

Hello Ladies & Germs! Although it’s 1926 in the pages of Speaking Is Easy, and we get our news from the Times, Herald, or if your my bestie B.B. the lurid World or fancy like my hubby and the rest of the Castles, hot off the wires, modern flappers and laddies get all the news that’s fit to print from this mysterious thing called the web. I pride myself on keeping my ear to the ground and knowing whats what, so I’ve decided to jump in with both t-straps! Because as we all know, it doesn’t matter how good the revue is if they can’t find the unmarked door!

Below you’ll find all of the Harlow Ophelia Jackson Mystery Series social media links. On Facebook, you’ll find general updates. Instagram is for images of my Harlem & yours. On Twitter, I’m hoping to show off my career and dating advice, along with my sparkling wit. And then there’s Pinterest. Pinterest is where I really shine. Our boards feature everything from my costumes to my lingerie, although sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference!

Our goal is to give you a peek into the HOJM world on our way to publication! So, if you’ve got the time and are of the mind, please take a moment to check us out and follow. We love meeting new people and we adore a good party!






Shuffle Along Rises Again!

Shut my mouth and call me ruffled! The indomitable Audra McDonald

I'm just wild about Audra!

I’m just wild about Audra!

& Mr. Theatre himself, Mr. George C. Wolfe,

Mr. Theatre!

Mr. Theatre!

are bringing the musical “Shuffle Along” back to Broadway in 2016!

Broadway Smash Hit!

Broadway Smash Hit!

“Shuffle Along” not only helped launch Paul Robeson & the Bronze Venus that is Miss Josephine Baker, and cemented the rising star of Miss Florence Mills, but in 1921 it also broke the Great White Way! Commanding upwards of $3 per ticket, “SA” was the first Broadway show in 12 years featuring Negroes that was a hit! It was created, written, choreographed, and performed by African Americans and with 484 shows brought the country such beloved songs as “I’m Just Wild About Harry” and “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love Baby.”

And you know what else? “Shuffle Along” is what brought our heroine Harlow Ophelia Jackson to the Big Apple! She dreamed of Broadway stardom but instead became Mississippi Moon and an amateur detective!

Stay tuned to hear more about the revival. It’s going to be awesome! Harlow Ophelia thoroughly approves!

Shuffle Along

Shuffle Along

Ladies & Germs, it’s time to Shuffle Along!

Taking Broadway by storm!

   Taking Broadway by storm!

After years spent bouncing from vaudeville show to vaudeville show, traveling across America and Europe, our gal Harlow is ready to hit the Great White Way! And like the perfect note, the perfect show suddenly appears on the horizon beckoning her to Gotham! It’s 1921 and every chorine, singer, actress, and comedienne is flocking to NYC to answer the open casting call for Blake & Sissle’s “Shuffle Along”. Will Harlow Ophelia make the cut? Check back next month to find out!

A one and a two!

A one and a two!


It’s September! Time For The Savoy To Kick Off A New Season!

Her friends call her Mississippi Moon.

Her friends call her Mississippi Moon.

Harlow Ophelia Jackson plays it cool as The Savoy kicks off a new season. It’s 1926 and the kiddies are all a flutter to create the next dance craze but rising star Mississippi Moon knows that the smart cookie takes her time.

The Savoy

The Savoy Ballroom

And after the rubes work up a sweat, wrinkle their finery, and blister their soles, she’ll glide in smooth as silk, fresh as a daisy and steal the show.

The Savoy Ballroom_